Today is September the 9th.  It was hot today but the evening brought on a thunderstorm and rains.  Thank you God for giving the ground a drink of water.   I will introduce myself now….my name is Chandel but most folks call me Chandelly.  That was started by my sweet husband several years ago.  I am in my forties and its really not that old now that I am here.   I am a Registered Nurse and I am currently pursuing a higher education as a Nurse Practitioner.  I love to browse on Pinterest, Etsy and shop on Amazon.  My husband and I have a love for all music (except rap).  We also run sound for local events with our sound system.  We love to sing in church and we both play instruments.   I live out in the country on 40 acres that was my grandparents.  I have 5 dogs, Daizee the Yorkie (the 4 pound boss), Sparky the Morkie (little lover), Scruffy the Schnauzer (Mr. Attitude), Jackson the Yellow Lab and Sassy the American Akita.   All 5 have important roles at our home.   Daizee is my bed hog/warmer.  Although she only weighs 4 pounds, she can hog a king size bed like nobodys business.   Scruffy is Mr. Attitude (named by the VET!) due to his well……bad attitude.  Sparky is my little lover.  He is so sweet and kind, loves to give kisses and snuggle….ticks and all.   Jackson is a big ole baby that thinks he only weighs 4 pounds.  He does most of the guarding outside along with Sassy.  My yard is critter free for sure with these guys on patrol.   So out in the country with all my puppy dogs on the 40 acres that houses my family.   The land is home to critters of all sizes and my beloved deer roam the woods in front of my house.  Every evening I am able to see a mama with her twin babies grazing in the yard.   It is so peaceful and serene.  Gods handiwork is definitely on display where I live.   I hope to keep this blog updated frequently.  Please follow me as I share glimpses of my life and surroundings from time to time as well as talk about my love for God and His love for me.  Till another time…….God Bless



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